Who are we?

'Shy Ones' is a Solana based NFT project consisting of 10k Shy Ones creating real world connections between digital identities. 👁️
Turning virtual strangers into REAL friends.

 We believe in disrupting inefficient systems and creating new avenues of opportunity for the everyday human to feel connected and valued. How: We're building change through products and experiences that are beautifully crafted, easily identifiable and emotionally charged. All of which blur the barriers between the physical and digital worlds. What: 

NFTs just happened to be the perfect vehicle to allow loyal community members access to our core offerings:

The 3 Core Pillars that comprise Shy Ones

  • Shy Ones Venture Studio [SOVS]
    • We're the brand that builds brands. Our Venture Studio will create, incubate, and / or invest in promising new projects
  • Shy Ones Events [SOE]
    • Shy One’s Events will create unforgettable real-world experiences beyond the echo chamber of Web3
  • Shy Ones Shops [SOS]
    • Join the Shy Ones on a global journey through our unique physical and digital goods that will be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime

Our Mission

  • Create real world (and in turn, valuable) connections between digital identities.
  • Build sustainable, profitable, and renowned brands (that our holders value).
  • Foster a geographically borderless community (of friends).
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